As an independent family business rooted in South Tyrol,
characterized by the coexistence of different cultures and languages,
we see ourselves as an open-minded and people-oriented group of companies.

Intercable Headquarter


In the year 1972 Herbert Mutschlechner founded a trading company – the birth of the Intercable group of companies. Since then, we are deeply rooted in Brunico and, as an initially small South Tyrolian company, have been able to establish an important position on the international market. Today we are among the most important partners in the industries in which we operate and are represented worldwide.  

As a family business now in its 2nd generation, the Intercable group is active in two main areas – the automotive and charging infrastructure with Intercable Tec and the electrical and tools sector with Intercable Tools. In addition, the Intercable family includes Intercable Immo S.r.l., a company which takes care of the real estate of the Intercable group of companies and the maintenance of these buildings.


Intercable Tec, part of the Intercable group of companies, is a leading company for innovative solutions in the fields of cable protection and cable connection. We serve many different industries – from automotive to charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

In the markets in which we operate, it is of utmost importance to provide high quality products, so we ensure the highest quality in accordance with various standards. This is how we stand out from the competition and become the partner of choice for our valued customers.



Intercable Tools is part of the Intercable group of companies and has its origins as early as the beginning of the '70s when Herbert Mutschlechner, founder of the company, began trading with electrotechnical products. In 1986, the production of insulated tools began, and the product range has been expanded. Today, Intercable Tools is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tools for processing low and medium voltage cables as well as connection systems for the electrical, wind and rail sector.

Intercable Tools is a family-run company headquartered in Brunico/South Tyrol with branches in Germany, Austria, Central Eastern Europe and the Netherlands.






Intercable sets extremely high demands of materials, design, and function in its product development process.The in-house design department develops high-performance precision tools to guarantee outstanding product quality. Cutting-edge, highly efficient machines provide for the ultimate in quality and process reliability. All operating processes, from tool manufacture, production, module assembly, are precisely coordinated. Considerable store is placed on energy-saving measures and awareness of how to best use resources efficiently: Measures include recycling of plastic scrap in the production cycle, or use of solar power and heat recovery systems.


The name “Intercable” is synonymous with quality

We take customer specifications, the applicable legal obligations, standards and requirements into account, while casting a critical eye over the sustainability and environmental compatibility of everything we do to guarantee that Intercable maintains the very highest quality standards in all areas.


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It is important to recognize and take advantage of opportunities!

A customer relationship is a matter of trust. This trust is built upon our company's long-standing quality policy, which makes it one of our priorities to identify the needs and expectations of users in order to fulfil them in a quick, effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The demands of our customers and the competition encourage us to constantly strive to expand our offerings and optimize our products in order to improve our quality and environmental performance. 


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Intercable Tec (Headquarter)

Intercable S.r.l.
Via dei Campi della Rienza 21
39031 Brunico, Italy
Tel: +39 0474 067400

Intercable Tools Germany

Intercable Tools GmbH
Leverkuser Straße 65
42897 Remscheid, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)2191 37 694-0

Logistics center Tools Radevormwald

Intercable Tools GmbH
Alte Landstraße 53
42477 Radevormwald, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)2191 37 694-0

Weitkowitz (Headquarter)

Weitkowitz GmbH
Woltorfer Straße 125
31224 Peine, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)5171 7061-0

Office Tools Lengede

Intercable Tools GmbH
Grubenweg 6
38268 Lengede, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)5344 969 587-0

Intercable Tools Austria

Intercable Tools GmbH
Hauptstraße 91
2231 Strasshof, Austria
Tel: +43 (0)2287 21515

Production Tools Desenzano

Intercable Tools S.r.l.
Via Serio 6
25015 Desenzano del Garda, Italy
Tel: +39 030 6358100

Intercable Tec North America

Intercable North America, LLC
26555 Evergreen Road
48076 Southfield, United States
Tel: +1 248 206 5401

Bonomi (Partner)

Bonomi Eugenio S.p.A.
Via Mercanti 17
25018 Montichiari, Italy
Tel: +39 030 96 50 304

Intercable Tools CEEu (Partner)

Intercable Tools Kft.
Magyar utca 162/A
8800 Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Intercable Tools Nederland (Partner)

Intercable Tools B.V.
Energieweg 49
2404 HE Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands
Tel: +31 85 505 0500

Joiner's Bench (Partner)

Joiner's Bench GmbH
Adlerstraße 17b
42859 Remscheid, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)2191 362 15 6

Lemp (Partner)

G. Adolf Lemp & Co. GmbH
Ludwigstraße 39
42853 Remscheid, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)2191 4940 0

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