Intercable relies on product development highest
demands on materials, form and function.



The in-house design department develops high-performance precision tools to guarantee outstanding product quality. Cutting-edge, highly efficient machines provide for the ultimate in quality and process reliability. All operating processes, from tool manufacture, production, module assembly to dispatch, are precisely coordinated. Considerable store is placed on energy-saving measures and awareness of how to use resources efficiently. Measures include recycling of plastic scrap in the production cycle, or use of solar power and heat recovery systems


Intercable has set itself the goal of becoming a "smart factory". In order to achieve this goal, Intercable uses the most modern approaches of Industry 4.0. The vision is that customer orders are automatically recorded, the machine park is configured accordingly and the products are produced just in time with the highest quality for the customer. The foundation for this vision was created through the implementation of a lean management concept.

Building on top of this concept, Intercable has been systematically working on automation and digitization strategy in recent years. Despite our multiple production processes, our automation concepts are standardized. This guarantees high-quality, stable and efficient production at favorable conditions. Depending on the customer order and corresponding production volume, solutions with a wide variety of automation levels can be realized.

Intercable equipment includes, among other things, ergonomic workstations, semi-automatic assembly islands, fully automated assembly systems and even complex assembly lines. Intercable is also able to conceptualize, construct, assemble and retract such in-house resources. The benefits of improved automation come into play only through the corresponding digitization.

Through several strategic projects, Intercable has succeeded in creating a digital image of our ongoing production in real time. All machine data is recorded and condensed to corresponding key performance indicators. In addition to the production data, other systems (such as CAQ, ERP) are also included in the data analysis. Industry 4.0 is not just a marketing headline at Intercable, but also finds its echo in the conceptual design of all production facilities.



We process more than 2,500 metric tonnes of thermoplastic injection moulding each year. A central material feed and preparation system along with highly efficient machines with a clamping force of up to 500 metric tonnes, allow us to create high-precision moulded parts for a range of applications.

We make good use of a wide variety of technologies, such as overmoulding of metal or production of multi-component parts. Using water injection technologies, enables us to produce plastic moulded parts of an almost metallic nature.



Precision and longevity as well as an optimized tool design make the difference. Customized injection molds adapted to the individual wishes and requirements of our customers are our strength.

The tool construction is always involved in the product development, through the most modern CAD systems and CNC-controlled machines, the customer’s wishes take shape.



Speed and huge flexibility in creating new connectors, especially in the field of e-mobility, are everyday features of our sample build.

Production volumes ranging from single parts to small pre-series production of 10,000 units are all part of a day’s work here.

The production range comprises single parts through to complex modules, sometimes consisting of up to 40 single items. A constantly expanding pool of machines and technology is a central feature of the department, ensures consistent growth and enhances expertise.



Consistently high-precision series production punched parts are vital for e-mobility connection systems. With copper, brass, and aluminium, we handle more than 1,500 metric tonnes of raw material per year.

The latest hydraulic punches and presses of up to 200 metric tonnes, allow us to produce a huge variety of punched parts in terms of design and geometry.



Intercable operates an internal electroplating shop for surface finishing of tape and reel products as a post-production serial galvanisation line. This process allows us to guarantee exceptional anti-corrosion protection for our products.



As a system supplier, we offer our customers complete solutions. Our strength lies in the effective and economical implementation, whether in small batches or in mass production, and we have a high capacity of system parts in the year by means of our individually manufactured assembly islands or lines.


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