We will combine our successful past with an even more promising and sustainable future – be a part of this evolution.

Intercable, being an innovative company, is committed to the principles of sustainable entrepreneurial action – the combination of economic, ecological and social responsibility. Because sustainability stands in the core of our work and has always been an important topic. We must use our resources in such a way that they are available to future generations in the same quality and quantity.

What is our contribution?



Intercable is aware of its responsibility and sees environmental protection as an important corporate goal.

  • Intercable’s headquarters in Bruneck is 100% powered by green electricity and produces up to 400 MWh per year through an internal photovoltaic system.
  • We strive to use these energy resources efficiently, including advanced automated production systems, the monitoring of the efficiency and utilization of the production processes, a state-of-the-art, monitored and efficient building technology, and the regular assessment of the appropriateness of the consumption values.
  • Intercable has various charging stations for electrical cars at its headquarters in Bruneck, which are fed by its own photovoltaic system.
  • Throughout the whole group, we have a sophisticated waste management in place, that helps us to avoid, separate, reuse, recycle and properly dispose waste and to monitor this.
  • Most of our production facilities do not use water and do not generate any hazardous waste water. In order to reduce water consumption as much as possible and to comply with legal and official waste water regulations, all our sites have closed water circuits, monitored waste water treatment and oil separators.
  • To protect human health and the environment, we only use chemicals that comply with European directives and regulations. This includes chemicals that are free of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances, as well as the complete avoidance of so-called “conflict materials”.
  • For short errands in the city, employees at the headquarters in Bruneck can either use the 100% electric Fiat 500E or the company’s own e-bikes.
  • To avoid single-use plastic and promote environmental awareness, water dispensers were installed throughout the company for everyone to use free of charge. In addition, we designed and gave away high-quality drinking bottles for the company’s 50th anniversary. These bottles can be filled with the regularly tested and high-quality drinking water from said dispensers.


The human being as a success factor: The interpersonal relationships in and outside the company is our success factor and the basis of our business conduct.

  • Through the MUT Social Foundation, we arrange fundraising activities to support non-profit organizations and people in need. Since its foundation in December 2016, assistance has already been offered in over 65 emergency situations.
  • Intercable mainly supports events of its own employees and sponsors various sport clubs such as the Ski Club Bruneck and the soccer club FSV Stegen. In addition, we are name giver of the new multifunctional arena in Bruneck which focuses on ice sports. In this way, we want to contribute to the community and promote local sports as well as the youth of Bruneck.
  • Employees who are own an electrical car can recharge it at the charging stations on the company premises in Bruneck.  They can thus plug in their e-car at the start of work and then return home with a fully charged battery – 100% green energy and free for all employees.
  • Throughout the whole group, Intercable offers its employees many different benefits. These include in-house canteens with fresh and healthy cuisine, an in-house daycare center, welfare offers, various company events and team events as well as opportunities for training and further education.


Our recipe for success lies in identifying and developing market niches in the technology sector with a high level of quality and innovation potential.

  • The Intercable Group is the European market and technology leader for high-voltage connection systems for BEV and hybrid vehicles.
  • The transversal priorities for the group’s various sectors are defending the market position, operational excellence, strengthening the international industrial footprint as well as digital and sustainable transformation.
  • For some time, we have been working systematically on automation and digitalization strategies with the aim of becoming a “smart factory”. To this end, we work very closely with research institutes and universities.
  • In order to secure economic stability for us, our employees and our stakeholders, we are increasingly focusing on expansion instead of new construction, on qualitative growth instead of quantitative growth and on the systematic search for and creation of cost degression effects or rather economies of scale.
  • Our packaging concept is regularly reconsidered and optimized. We try to use as little single-use plastic as possible, but this is not always possible. The rule here is “where possible – paper, where sensible – plastic”.

„Technology is our

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